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Midland League 2019

Social player, the competitive player and the inbetweener Competition in the midlands

29th June at 12:00 am to 30th September 2019

Midland League 2019

That time of year is around again and we need to organise teams for Midlands League.

For those new to the club this is a external comp played during the summer months in beautiful exotic venues such as Puckane, Birr and Ballinasloe.

It is suitable for the social player, the competitive player and the inbetweener.

Generally a team of 4 + subs play all the other teams in their division home and away. Great efforts are made to hosting other clubs and making the competition as enjoyable as possible.

If anyone is interested please leave your name on the sheet in the clubhouse or contact Edel on 085 128 8645 

If you are unsure of your grading or wish to be regraded please contact Edel or leave the grade section blank, to get graded is very simple and our coach Brian will help with that.

Any teams that would like to avail of some team coaching please contact Brian 

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